For DJ Yamz, Kilonshe centers on the interplay between transition and life’s perspectives.

The initial visual concepts we presented appeared to lean a bit too much towards the darker end of this dialogue. What DJ Yamz wanted instead was an image that captured both the hardships and the ability to live through them, thus clearly communicating the idea and feeling of transition.

The challenge was to do all this using a photo he provided (which is seen on the right). Our approach towards illustrating this dichotomy, was to create a juxtaposition of sorts between two different layers:

A sort of “now” versus “then” feeling— the idea of “what you see” versus “what lies beneath the surface” that keeps everything going. That is to say in good times, in hardships, in the liminal space of change this is the energy, light or love that keeps me going.

As humans, we can experience rips to the very fabric of our often beautiful and flowery lives, but how do we embrace it all and retain the strength to still shine through regardless?

That’s what Kilonshe is all about.